5 Proven steps to 10x your Business Growth in 2022

January 4, 2022by Virendra Ingle0

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure! – By Grant Cardone.

The above saying by Grant Cardone, the author of the famous book, The 10X Rule has a deep thought about the 10X rule that should be followed in the business. The rules, the steps are quite simple but are often overlooked by the majority of the business people only for the fact that they are too simple to follow!

Often business firms rotate around the fact that making business is a very complicated task and only complicated routes will lead and ensure a brighter future for the firm. In between such chaos, the business owners often forget the basics of the business and thus mostly end up creating a path for themselves that they had no plans about. A path that results in slower growth as compared to your competitor and often leads the growth to become stagnant at a particular point in time. 

Go through these 5 proven steps and get a brief idea about growing your business with 10x speed.


  1. Do not Complicate the Sales Strategy-
    Sales is a contact sport. It’s about finding the person who can buy, who has the power to decide, and who’s interested. Why not keep in mind this basic formula consideration while creating the strategy for sales. The more you simplify it the faster you progress!
  2. Decode the ‘YOU’ code-
    Itzler once said, To crush your goals, you need to crush your fear of embarrassment. Come out of the shadow of fear, embarrassment and failure. Do not follow the’ limiting mindset’ strategy and limit yourself to a certain extent because a leader should always move with open arms rather than folded!
  3.  Go the Digital Way-
     You aren’t in business if you aren’t digital. Reaching people is the foremost priority in boosting the sales of your business. Reaching people the best way is entering into their phones and laptops, guess how! Digital Marketing is the answer! This marketing formula connects your prospects in a better way than ever before.
  4. Strengthen your Strengths-
    People who focus on their strengths own the world, while the people who focus on their weaknesses work for them. 10x growth tends to occur after entrepreneurs start focusing more on what they do best and stop worrying about their weaknesses.
  5. Focus on yourself-
    Learning is a great beginning. Learn every day about yourself and focus on the mistakes you are committing and rather than justifying them, work on them and correct those mistakes. Do not move with the attitude of, The Boss is always right!

What is it that is creating such a difference between a 10X path follower and a non-follower?

What if I ask you today, the difference between your playing way of cricket and that of The Great Sachin Tendulkar? Your instant reply would be ‘training’, he is a trained cricketer and we aren’t. Now if the same question would be related to the soccer giant Lionel Messi, even then your answer would be the same, ‘training’. 

Yes! Training is what differentiates between a ‘better’ and the ‘best’. The 10X growers are trained psychologically and factually with the method of growing their business in a 10x manner. Thus, they stand out from the crowd and join the elite league of ‘The Stand out Performers’. We, at Velocity Xcelerator, have created 1000s of elite businessmen through our tips and tricks and thus own immense experience in ‘Xcelarating’ businesses with 10x growth!

Visit, https://velocityxcelerator.com/ to join the elite learning team and witness your firm growing with a 10x speed!

10 X Your Business | Velocity Xcelerator

by Virendra Ingle

Business Coach | Franchise Coach | Leadership Coach | Sales & Distribution Consultant | keynote Motivational Speaker | Helping Business Owners to Auto-Pilot their business by developing next-level Leaders.

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